Maga? What on earth is a “Maga?”


In case you were up last night wondering what a “Maga” might be, or a “Maga Chronicle,”  let me clear that up right here and now.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good night’s sleep so without further mildew . . . that is, adieu . . .

Well, I just happen to have two adorable granddaughters.  They are the joy of my life.  Oh, I have lots of joys, actually, including my husband and kids, but Winnie & Olive?  They’re over-the-top joy-inducers.

So, it all began when Winnie first started to try and say the word “Grandma.”  (Side note:  When my friends found out I was going to be one of these for the first time, they all wanted to know what I was going to be called.  I did not know there were so many options.  Where I came from, there was “Grandma” and “Grandpa.”  It wasn’t till we moved out of the midwest that I became aware of such names as “MomMom & PopPop,” “Mimi & Papa,” Nana,” and the list goes on.  I was perfectly content with “Grandma.”)  Well, when little Miss Winnie’s perfect little mouth was first trying to get the word “Grandma” out, it sort of got turned inside-out and the word “Maga” was born.  Want to see that gorgeous child?  Elmo shirt Winnie

What’s that?  You want to see another?  Oh, alright . . . . . . Sparkle Water Winnie


And now there’s another little sweetheart to call me “Maga.”  Her name is Olive.

Rocking Chair Olive


Still haven’t had enough?  I know, right?  Aren’t they awesome?

Juice Box Olive            Lunch at Moe's

Want to see where these two beauties came from?


Can you see why Winnie & Olive are so darn cute?  Look at their parents!

So, that’s how I became “Maga.”  And the things I write have become my chronicles, thus “The Maga Chronicles.”  I’m so glad we cleared that up and you can thank me later for that good night’s sleep coming your way tonight!!


4 thoughts on “Maga? What on earth is a “Maga?”

  1. I am also a Maga! When my granddaughter learned to actually pronounce grandma, she still stuck w/ Maga. Don’t think I’ll ever find it on a t-shirt but I love that it is unique.

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