Flying Backwards

In many ways, my sister and I are alike.  And in many ways we are different. Since there are eight years between us, we grew up in two different “eras.”  Hers was the era of the shift dress and ankle-hugging pants.  Mine was elephant-bell bottoms and “smock” tops.  High school girls in my sister’s day […]

Born to Cheer, Not to Run: a lesson learned at the Dublin marathon

This is a story of how I started out going for a walk and ended up having an epiphany near the finish line of the Dublin marathon. My feet were killing me!  Being a Floridian, I don’t normally wear enclosed shoes and socks on a daily basis. Or ever.  In my sandals, my bunions are […]

In Praise of the Hymn

Beautifully crafted word pictures are some of my favorite things.  Another of my favorite things are music notes on a page.  I guess that’s my second language.  If you smash the two together, you may come up with . . . Hymns.  I know, how terribly old-fashioned of me. Don’t get me wrong, I do […]

Maga’s Magnificent Book Club: One way to be a long-distance grandma that makes a difference.

Sometimes I feel like I was born into the wrong era.  I long for “the family farm” where I live with my husband and probably more than one dog.  My kids all live just ‘down the road apiece’ with their families and they all gather in my kitchen every morning for coffee and a hot […]