Smacked by nostalgia.


Pardon my ignorance – – did this show up?

Hot diggity – it did!  So, what I wanted to say was that “smacking” can either refer to a kiss or it can refer to a punch in the face.  I’ve felt the latter the last few days.  Sometimes our past comes back to us in sweet, smile-inducing thoughts and other times in “whap-you-on-the-back-of-the-head” abrupt moments.  I guess being in my hometown is bringing back lots of nostalgic feelings.  So many things are different about where we currently live (South Florida) that everything is catching my eye.  Catching my eye and then registering some old feeling. I’m feeling sorry for everyone else in the world who did NOT grow up here.  In these woods.  On this lake (Superior).  Does everyone think THEIR childhood was the best?  How could someone who grew up in . . let’s say . . . Louisiana or Utah . . . possibly have had a better childhood than mine??  Poor things.  They just don’t know what they missed.  We’ll be here for another week and a half so I can count on many more memory-provoking moments.  Each one with an accompanying song that will then go through my head for the next couple of hours, until the next memory/song comes along.

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