My Trip to Ireland: Day -1

I’m currently sitting in a Delta lounge at JFK airport with Kevin. We don’t board our flight for another 3 1/2 hours. In the meantime I’ll eat free food and drink free wine. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

As a certified “homebody” I will tell you that some days I only make it as far as my mailbox. And that’s just fine with me. This business of going over the ocean has me a bit rattled.

Here are my current “what if’s:”

* What if my body just can’t handle the time difference and I fall asleep for the night at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, no matter where I am?

* What if I don’t fit into the group with which I’ll be traveling? (This is a business trip for Kevin.) ¬†Will I do something untoward and humiliate my husband in front of his peers?

* The cliffs of Ireland look beautiful, but treacherous. What are the odds I’ll trip and fall and meet my demise? (Granted, this part of the trip is still a week away, I have plenty of time to worry about¬†that later.)

* Are my bunions going to be an issue? I’m not used to wearing “shoes.” Are people with bunions even allowed into Ireland?

I know, such dumb things to fret over. I should, instead, be so grateful for this wonderful experience. It’s just that right now I’m a little concerned about my sleep (or lack thereof), my fitting-in-ness and my bunions.

I’m going to sincerely try to practice being more grateful. And less neurotic. Right now I’m about 50/50. Let’s see if with God’s help, and perhaps the help of some Irish folk, I can’t improve that quite a bit over the next several days.

Erin go bragh! (Or bragh-less, if you prefer.)img_0141