I’m a Christian, but I’ll see your “Happy Holidays” & Raise you one “Seasons Greetings!”

Now that Halloween is one flip back in our calendars, “the holidays” are soon to be upon us. There’s just something I have to say right here at the “get-go” before things get really crazy: “I celebrate Christmas, but you can wish me a ‘Happy Holiday.’” There, I said it. There sure seems to be […]


In memory of a sweet friend we lost one year ago today. I know heaven has been especially bedazzling this past year with Tissy in residence. When I was a preschool music teacher several years ago, I remember marveling at the fact that even amongst three-year olds, there could be a “popular” kid that all […]

Oh, Olive

Recently our daughter and her family came to visit us while Kevin and I are at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. (Just a refresher, Maria is married to Jared and they have three girls: Winnie – 5, Olive – 3 and Molly – 3 months.) It’s been a couple of years since they were here, […]

Hakuna Matata.

  So I was wondering, do you have any tattoos??  If you’re a person about my age (I’m 53, wellllll closer to 54, actually) chances are you don’t.  And chances are pretty good you might have grown up kids that do.  I just recently discovered my 24-year-old son is the proud wearer of two.  That’s […]